Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Handheld Photometers For Measuring Light Intensity

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The term photometer has been taken from words ‘photo’ and ‘meter’ where the former means light and the later means an instrument hence it can be termed as a device used for measuring intensity of light. The other application where a handheld photometer can be of real use is to calculate the optical characteristics of surfaces and solutions. Handheld photometers are also called as light meters and have been used for various household and commercial applications. 

Photometers are used in houses where they sense the light, as a digital photometer in cameras and pool photometer for determining the energy levels of the visible as well as infra red beams. Handheld photometer the latest introduction is a self contained portable unit. They are used widely to assess and detect the huge concentration of aerosol. Users can use this photometer to test different levels of HEPA and ULPA filters. The handle of this device act as a support and allow the control panel display to tilt for a convenient as well as simple viewing. Handheld photometers are designed for your convenience hence go for device that can give you perfect results and easy maintenance. 

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