Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ideal TDS Meters For Checking Water Purity

Indicators - $88.00

The latest trend of Conductivity meters / TDS meters include both single parameter and multiparameter instruments. These instruments are designed to support up to eight parameters that include resistivity and even salinity. Conductivity meters work on the principle of electrical conductivity where EC is defined as the capacity of a solution to conduct an electric current. Whereas TDS meters work on the principle where Total dissolved solids is defined on the amount of solids that gets dissolved in a particular solution. 

The conductivity meters that are currently available can read about three salinity scales including the natural sea water, practical salinity and the percent. They are fully customizable and have got a large memory for the logs and come with different logging techniques. There are different companies who are into the production of TDS meters and their details are available on the net. Huge range of salinity cheques can be conducted with the help of these meters and hence they are widely used for many applications and in lot of industries. Featured in different languages makes it used across the globe for accurate readings.  

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