Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Understanding More About Digital Colorimeter And Its Functions

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Digital colorimeter or lab colorimeter is mainly used in the measurement of the wavelengths of lights absorbency. These devices feature a detector to measure the light transmitted and a meter to display the output or result from the attached detector. Moreover, digital colorimeter also has a built-in regulator for regulating voltage and also a second light path. Other features include a detector for improved and accurate results and a cuvette.

Lab colorimeter comes in varied price ranges and types and most companies produce products that come with reasonable prices. They work with a simple principle by comparing the light that gets transmitted through the sample to be checked with the light that is transmitted through a filter that is coloured and is off known wavelength. The display results in the form of absorbance, transmittance or concentration levels. The digital colorimeter can also give out results in direct concentration by regulating the same with a standard available solution. Make a research before getting your device for finding whether it syncs with your requirement and applications.

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